O mundo, a crise financeira e a inovação

A BRAIN integra redes empresariais internacionais.

Desde o acirramento da crise financeira, temos monitorado as discussões mais interessantes e, a seguir, destacamos alguns conteúdos que valem a pena uma leitura atenta.

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Innovate Out of the Economic Downturn (Business Week) – A crisis is precisely the time for governments to boost spending on innovation, not cut it. Otherwise, nations will find themselves playing catch-up.

It’s No Time to Forget About Innovation (NYT) – BY its very nature, innovation is inefficient. While blockbusters do emerge, few of the new products or processes that evolve from innovative thinking ultimately survive the test of time…

Innovation key in economic crisis – Innovation is even more important during an economic downturn than in the normal business climate, according to UK manufacturers. 

Embracing Disruptive ChangeWe need to understand and embrace disruptive change. It will transform the way we view innovation. Businesses may be well managed, customer-friendly, and technologically advanced—they are still susceptible to failure or to being overtaken by upstart competitors.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Important to Reviving the Economy


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